My visit and dinner at Mar-a-Lago

I know what you are thinking. Levine is bragging, or he is insane. Doesn’t he know that Maralago is a den of iniquity, full of Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, and Qanon creeps? 

A friend I have known for many years has a home in Palm Beach. He invited my wife and I to visit his home and then dinner at Mar-a-Lago. I have seen many things and traveled to many places in my life, but this sounded cool.

After a lovely visit to my friend’s home, we traveled the long road 

( okay, it was less than a mile) and entered the Mar-a-Lago driveway. 

Let’s be honest here. You need to dress well when eating at a club like this. My wife always looks and dresses exceptionally, so that was no problem. Me? I am most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt; I forgot to pack a nice shirt, so I visited the Brooks Brothers store and purchased a nice pink shirt to go with my jacket.

We enter Mar a Lago, and everyone is dressed well. You don’t know the place’s detail or ambiance when you see it on television. It is immaculate and beautiful. 

There were food stations with delicious-looking salads, desserts, and meats. I had an “old-fashioned” bourbon. My wife had given me a refresher course on manners, which fork to use for what.

There was a band playing down at a lower level, and apparently, it was a party for law enforcement. 

After dining on a salad, my friend says the former President is here. His table is right next to ours, but it is roped off. He enters with his wife, Melania, and several secret service men. You stay away as the men stand like the palace guard, just staring at the former Prez and wife.

One table over was the former DNI director Rick Grenell and the CEO and owner of Newsmax Chris Ruddy. He came over to say hello to my friend and brought a news anchor, that is rapidly becoming very popular, Rob Schmitt.   

I couldn’t help but watch the interaction between Donald Trump and his wife, Melania. They were having fun, laughing, talking, and smiling. 

There was a food station that served lobster. I love lobster. I grew up on Long Island, and my favorite place to travel to is New England. There were three men with chef hats there to cut me a piece of lobster, three.

Now, you are sitting a few feet away from the former President of the United States. You are a few feet from all of these people I mentioned, and I am sure many that I had no idea who they were.

I started to eat the lobster carefully, and then, you know what happens next”? The last bite, the lobster and butter, slip off my fork and onto my new pink shirt. I wanted to die.

I got up and strategically held my hands over the area of my shirt so nobody could see this guy with lobster juice walking around. I found a bathroom and feverishly tried to remove it. I gave up and just closed my jacket.

I didn’t have another bite of food for the rest of the evening.

My friend kept saying aren’t you hungry? Don’t you want more? 

But wait, there’s more. 

The band at the party stopped playing. The next thing you know, the former President of the United States pulls out an iPad. THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS ACTING LIKE A DISC JOCKEY. He was picking out songs ( funeral for a friend), and the entire terrace we were sitting at had his music blaring through the loudspeakers. To say it was surreal is a vast understatement. 

As I sat there with the lobster juice on my shirt, I started thinking of things you probably shouldn’t say visiting Mar-a-Lago a few feet away from Donald Trump.

Mr. President, do you take requests?  

How about some Kanye tunes? 

Look what I found; it says top secret on it!

Mr. President, your hair is NOT orange in person; why? 

By the way, no Nazis, Q Anoners ( that I know of ), just a former President being a disc Jockey and me with my lobster juice on my shirt. 

It was just another typical evening in Levine world.

Larry Levine 

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A visit to Mar-a-Lago.

— larrymlevine
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  • William Gunter

    January 21, 2023 at 5:36 pm

    one i could not even afford something like this so what the point

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