Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody, but...

To  Gebru Berihun: 66, for stabbing an elderly  JEWISH COUPLE at an Assisted Living facility in Powell, Ohio. 

To the local media, Delaware county court for NOT reporting that this is being investigated as a hate crime.

To Ye, formerly Kanye, formerly a billionaire and currently a rapidly failing anti-semite, for his continued Anti Semitic diatribes. 

To Ye, formerly  Kanye, oh, you get it, for apparently admiring Hitler so much that he was going to name his last album for him. 

To friends of Ye: formerly Kanye, for knowing about his antisemitism and fanaticism toward Nazi Germany and never saying anything. 

To Adidas: a German company that used Jewish slave labor during the second world war for taking several weeks to decide to fire Ye after his remarks. The Wannsee Conference in Germany took less time to decide to exterminate all the Jews. 

To anyone knowing what we know now who still supports Ye. 

To Joe Biden:  For claiming he was a starter on his college football team. 

To Joe Biden, formerly Ye, oops, sorry. 

To the John Fetterman campaign for Senate in Pennsylvania for blaming his terrible yet illuminating performance debate this past week on the “closed captioning” he requested. 

The best comeback of the week. 

To the Mehmet Oz campaign for their immediate response that they are sorry he felt that way but would be glad to debate him again 🙂 

To anyone in the media who used the term “ableist”  when discussing criticism, Fetterman received when he couldn’t form coherent thoughts or string two sentences together. He didn’t break an arm and didn’t have a crippling disease. He had a stroke which has obviously affected his cognitive abilities. 

To me, for saying cognitive abilities. When my father, who is no longer with us, was in a hospital after having a Stroke, he said he was worried about his cognitive abilities. I said, “ If you can say cognitive abilities, you have no worries.” 

To Joe Biden for saying through his press secretary, “The president feels Fetterman is very capable of doing the job,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

 That is like Hannibal Lecter saying that Jeffrey Dahmer is fine; he has an eating disorder.

To Giselle Fetterman ( the actual Senate Candidate) in Pennsylvania for saying that “swimming is racist in the United States.” I can assure you that sharks have no preference or bias for white or dark meat. 

To Joe Biden: for saying that gas prices were already at 5 dollars when he took office. 

To the Five hundred literary figures demanding that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret’s book be “shut down,” you know, BANNED, AS IN BURNING BOOKS, NO FREE SPEECH. Literary leaders?  

To Chelsea Clinton: Chelsea said that her Mom accepted the results of the 2016 election, and she conceded. She did concede after being begged to do it by her staff. She then has spent the last 6 years denying Trump’s win calling him illegitimate and saying the election was stolen from her. 

To the Trans activist: who was invited to the White House a few days ago called to ‘normalize’ trans women having a visible bulge.’ The greatest generation spoke of the “battle of the bulge” this generation’s issue is trans women normalizing their bulge. 

To President Biden: for reducing the bulge in everyone’s wallet during his two-year reign as President. 

To everyone who reads this, I wish you a happy, healthy Shabbat Shalom. 

To those of you who I mentioned and those who I didn’t ( you know who you are),

No Shabbat Shalom for you. 


614 522 6100


Shabbat Shalom to everybody, almost election edition.

— larrymlevine
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