Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody but...


Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody but…


To litigious James,  (Letitia) :  the District attorney of New York. After  three years of investigations,James filed a civil suit against former President Donald Trump,his company, his children, his children’s children, his dog,( he doesn’t have one) his barber,

 ( who should be sued for malpractice anyway), and anybody who looks like him, for “fraud”. He misrepresented  his net worth to banks. The only problem? He paid the banks back, the banks made hundreds of millions of dollars,,, and not one bank had an issue with Donald Trump. No victims, no criminal suit, no nuttin. 

To the criminal justice system in New York who once again let a man go without bail after destroying a McDonald’s with an ax  When questioned about this, the ax man said he only did what Mcdonald’s asked him to do “you deserve a break today.” Just dated myself. 

To the many Biden supporters voicing their “disgust” at Governor Desantis for ( the horror) sending homeless illegal immigrants from Texas to Marthas Vineyard. 

To Vice President Kamala Harris for stating that Republican Governors sending migrants to NYC Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard is a “dereliction” of duty. Kamala Harris is the Border Czar. How is that going Kamala ? 

To the air force “ diversity training” for telling Cadets to stop using the words, Mom and Dad. Next thing you know, they will ban  apple pie,and hot dogs.

To CUNY  City University of New York for hiring an Anti Semite to investigate Anti Semitism. No kidding. 

To the school board of Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario Canada for defending this  transgender teacher for wearing a pink shirt and pink mask in class. 

To me for not noticing the obvious issue. The school board should have “nipped” this weirdo in the bud.   I will be sure to keep you all a Breast of this. 

To the air force Academy for training it’s cadets to use “inclusive language”. 

  • Barring the word terrorist 

  • Banning the use of male or female identifiers

  • Eradicating the use of Mom or Dad. 

  • Erasing stereotypes, bias, and microaggressions. 

This is realllllly important as the Airforce bombs the shit out of our enemies. 

To the Airforce who has developed a new bomb that destroys misuse of pronouns, microaggressions and hurting peoples feelings. 

I always thought that our military was there to protect our country from invasion?  Having over 2 million unknown, illegal aliens enter our country count as an “invasion” ?  

To those Democrats and liberals for saying it is inhumane  sending homeless illegal migrants from Texas  on a plane to Marthas Vineyard 

Nothing says you are not racist like gathering up all the brown people who just arrived in your town and sending them to a military base, far , far away from you. 

To the Biden administration for their support ( or lack of ) for the the tens of thousands of Iranians protesting their regimes oppressive actions towards women. 

To President Biden: for emptying our strategic oil reserve to lower gas prices just before the mid-term elections. 

To President Biden: His administrations inflation numbers are at a forty year high yet the President said it has not gone up that much .

To former President Trump: whose inflation numbers during his Presidency were almost nonexistent except for his own “inflation” of his net worth. 

To Alex Jones who during the damages part of his trial for saying he is “done saying he is sorry”. Jones was convicted to lying about the Sandy Hook shooting by saying it was actors and it didnt happen. I think the Judge should fine him zillions of dollars and make him write I am sorry on a blackboard thousands of times a day for this rest of his pathetic life.  File this under a special place in hell. 

To the CIA for launching a podcast to “demystify” the agency and boost recruitment. Due to this being a secret organization they have not given out the website address. 

To me for making this up they did give out the address to Adam Schiff who promptly leaked it to , everyone. 

To the Agoraphobia national convention. Nobody showed up 

To everybody that read this instead of doing something, anything, more worthwhile. I wish you a restful, happy, family centered Shabbat Shalom . This counts if you are not Jewish, take a day off , you deserve it. 

To those of you who I mentioned and to those who I did not. You know who you are. 

No Shabbat Shalom to you. 

Your friend Larry




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