No Shabbat Shalom for you ,

This week I am focusing more on the immigration issue, for the record. Immigration is a very tough issue, especially for Jews.

 Most immigrants come to our country for a better life.

I am pro-immigration and anti-illegal immigration. 


This administration has cynically opened our borders to the detriment of all of us, especially the immigrants. 

Millions of immigrants are pouring over our border, causing hunger, terrible living editions, and rising crime. 




Shabbat Shalom to everybody, everybody but … 


To Robert Keith Packer: the man who wore a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt at the January 6th riot.

 To the media, whose coverage of this miscreant made it look like most of the “rioters” who attended the rally for Trump on January 6th  were White Supremacist Nazis. 

To Robert Keith Packers’ sister, who asked for leniency by saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Underneath  Robert Keith Packer’s “ Camp” t-shirt, another t-shirt had an SS symbol emblazoned on it. I guess you can… He was sentenced to 75 days, the maximum. Hope he enjoys
Camp prison. 

To Vice President Kamala Harris for saying that our southern border is secure. The next day two buses filled with illegal immigrants from Texas arrived at her doorstep. 

To the Governor of Massachusetts, who has called in the national guard for over 50 immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard. Fifty immigrants. Texas is receiving 6 to 8000 DAILY. 

To the Governor of Massachusetts On Friday, Gov. Charlie Baker announced the decision to transfer the illegal immigrants to a military base in Cape Cod less than 48 hours after they touched down.

To State Senator Julian Cyr: a Massachusetts Democrat, admitted that they had implemented emergency hurricane plans in response to the new arrivals

To New York Governor Hochul: for sending New Yorkers to Florida to “retaliate” against Desantis’s actions. 

New Yorkers are already leaving to go to Florida. 

Florida has Lower taxes, less craziness, and a court system that doesn’t allow criminals to roam free. 

All this is for 50 immigrants from Venezuela

To several major media outlets:  for their criticism of Governor Desantis of Florida sending 50  immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. After all, the sign in town said that they believe in science and nobody is illegal. They welcome diversity and are a sanctuary city. 

To Marthas Vineyard: and its residents, who are one of the least “diverse” places in the entire country, they are so white that you must wear high-powered sunglasses to see them.

To Gavin Newsome, the oily Governor of California:  for suggesting that Republican Governors sending illegal immigrants to democrat cities be charged with kidnapping. 

To Gavin Newsome, whose immigration policies have created a homeless crisis of epic proportions all across California, California looks like a dirty third-world  country. 

To the Biden administration for flying thousands upon thousands of illegals across the country and dropping them off in cities in the middle of the night. 

To the Biden administration: its open border policies and lies about it. 

To Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg: For the past 19 months, Facebook has reported anyone who has voiced dissent against the United States Government and opinions about election fraud.

To Mark Zuckerberg for spending almost 35000000 dollars to influence the results of the 2020 election. Did someone turn him in?

To Donald Trump: for reposting QAnon followers on this Truth social media channel. 

To QAnon followers: who have proven that our country’s mental health system has gone awry. 

To the Biden administration: for holding a party for the inflation reduction act the same day that inflation hit a forty-year high and the stock market crashed. 

To the Democrats: for their new formula to get “compliant” candidates to run and win elections. Find someone senile or mentally incapacitated, hide them in a basement, and let their “ friends “ in the media spin tales about their competency. It has worked well so far. 

Filmmaker Ken Burns compared the sending of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to the rise of the Nazis. 

To the Trucking company: There was a truck crash emptying many boxes of dildos, sex toys, and lubricants on a highway in Oklahoma. The trucking company offered “immediate assistance” to those affected by the spill. I knew there was not much to do in Oklahoma, but this didn’t sound like an emergency. Maybe the Governor of Oklahoma can call out the national guard to help.

File this one under a fake phallus crash that caused a slippery slope on the back roads of Oklahoma.

To me:  for attempting to make a joke about this. 

To me: For sending this No Shabbat Shalom column late this week. 

To those who read this, I wish you a wonderful, restful weekend, Shabbat Shalom, even if you are not Jewish. 

To those of you: I mentioned and those of you who I did not. You know who you are. 

No Shabbat Shalom to you.

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